What We Offer

Check out what features M&B Kids' Party and Recreation can bring to your kids party!

Bounce House

Jump, Jump, Jump AROUND

Our 16x16 commercial bounce house is safe and has plenty of room for your children. Our bounce house can hold up to 1,000 pounds. This bounce house includes a fun slide.

Sports Instructor

Learn a New Sport

A Sports Instructor will host your kids birthday party using various sports activities such as floor hockey, flag football, organized basketball. Starting at $50/per hour.

Popcorn Maker/Cotton Candy Maker

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Our popcorn maker comes with kernals, 3 flavors to choose from (Kettle, Lemon Pepper and Cheddar), and popcorn bags.

Our cotton candy package comes with a sugar spoon, bamboo sticks, 3 fun flavors to choose from (Pink Vanilla, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry) and sugar.


Your favorite tunes!

Our DJs have a perfect record for creating an unforgettable event experience for kids. Our team of talented DJ's can turn your party into the most talked about event in town! No matter how big or small, our Djs provide a unique, dynamic, and attentive experience! Case closed!

Custom Cakes

Find A Cake thats Right for You!

We offer customized cakes from our very own baker. Whatever suits your birthday party needs can be created. Prices vary.


Capture the Moment!

We offer photographery services at your request. Whatever photographs you need we have. Prices vary.


Paint the Party!

We offer facepainting services for your event. We have different colors, paintbrushes, and other items. Prices vary.